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  • the ability to pursue your passions regardless of earned income
  • measured more in freedom of time than amount of dollars
  • the state of being vocationally independent 
  • continuing to work because you love what you do, not because you need the paycheck
  • having sufficient passive & portfolio income to cover expenses
  • the ability to be generous with your time and resources
  • money well-stewarded

Discover​​​​ how  Wealthentic Planning helps clients like you win with money

What is Wealthentic? 

Being wealthentic is the result of building wealth in a way that is authentic to you. 

Develop your own definition of wealth along with a streamlined plan that you will actually use.   

The Wealthentic Stewardship Program

A Four-Step Streamlined Financial Planning & Investment Stewardship Process

  • Step 1  Get  a  VISION
  • StEP 2  Get  A  Plan
  •     Step 3  Get  INVESTED
  •      STEP 4  GET  UPGRADES

Wealthentic Investment Stewardship

Having a clear vision and being organized with your finances and goals is fantastic, now its time to invest!

A disciplined approach based on sound principles and logic is the key to successful investing, and that is exactly what you can expect when investing with us.  We don't believe in "stereotype" investing that suggests rules of thumbs like "be aggressive because you're young" or "you're in retirement so you must be conservative".  We build portfolios for our clients that are based on goals.   Once we know the goal we can construct portfolios that align.   

Our Guiding Principles That Lead to Successful Investment Outcomes

Manage Expectations

The fear of loss is often a greater motivator than the potential for gain.

Fear of the unknown contributes to critical errors like market timing.

Our portfolios utilize Nobel Prize winning research that gives our clients  a 95% probability range of what to expect during any 6 month period. 

Mitigate Emotions

Emotions make smart people do stupid things with their money. 

They are the number one reason most investors drastically underperform.

Our portfolios are engineered to minimize the negative effects that emotions can have on otherwise good investment decisions.

Minimize Expenses

Expenses and Taxes can put a real drag on your investment results.

This duo can come in many flavors and can easily be overlooked. 

Our portfolios seek to minimize the impact expenses and taxes have on our clients' assets, but never at the outright exclusion of value.

Maximize Exposure

Increasing exposure to various types of assets helps to reduce big swings.

Diversification is a well established concept, but is only the beginning. 

Our portfolios incorporate additional Nobel Prize winning research to give preference to certain "factors" that tend to outperform over time.

“If [more] information was the answer then we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs.”

-Derek Sivers

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